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suspension-device fucking

Hardcore gay guys don’t just pleasure each other’s behinds or cocks. No no, these guys are hardcore about what (and who) they do. Nipple pinching, ropes, foreign objects up the ass, it’s all fair game with these intense love-fests.

In one picture, a man is tied up with just his underwear on, but his lover has whipped his pecker out of those underwear and begun massaging it with his tongue. Another scene expands upon this and has a guy putting a condom on the cock he just whipped out of his tied-up lover’s undies.

Other scenes involve the same guy now tied up on his bed with rope tying up his legs and getting a small wooden object inserted into his rectum. The intense sexual adventures and experimentation really never ends with these guys.

No matter how extreme the situation, no matter how intense the experimentation, these guys are horny, big-dicked and looking to have some fun in front of the cameras.

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cocksucking video

They’re hardcore, they’re gay, and they’re waiting to get punished as only the underground world of BDSM parties can give them. Spanking, torture, forced fellatio with assless chaps, the atmosphere is as extreme as the clothing they wear. As the obedient slave gets his master to stick it up his ass, he learns exactly just what it means to be under the spell and command of his horny master. Whipping, suspension above their gay lover, large dicks up the ass and loving it, this BDSM meet-up is definitely not going to slow down anytime soon! Will you join them in watching the action?

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Jan gets raped

Escaped and Caught

When Jan got caught up in the gay war games he didn’t know how serious that was but he sure found out fast. All he knew was that he had to escape or, as he suspected, he might find out just how true all the rumors of sexual torture and humiliation really were. He didn’t want to know, so the first chance he got he escaped and started to make his way home. But it wasn’t easy and he found that he had to hide it the bushes for days before the area cleared out and he was able to continue.

Of course, just when he thought he was in the clear he stumbled upon another lone soldier, camped out close to the boundaries. Jan figured that if he could get in there and steal some guns and food he’d make it home. When the soldier left the camp, Jan thought he had his chance and rushed in but the soldier was just taking a pee in the bushes and he caught Jan in the act. Now Jan was really in trouble!

Jan had nothing on that well trained soldier and he found himself tied up to a camp chair in minutes. It must have been a long time since that soldier had gotten any action because he was might horny and he cut Jan’s clothes off with his knife. The solider pulled his own pants off and shoved his cock down Jan’s throat barely giving him a chance to breath. That soldier definitely got off on causing Jan pain and tortures him mercilessly for hours.

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Sebastian forced into threesome

Hot Ass

Poor Sebastian – he really had no clue what people meant when they told him it was dangerous to walk around town and out on the back streets after curfew. He thought that because there was a war on that they were worried about guns and stuff. But it wasn’t the kind of guns that he was thinking about. It was more like gay soldiers with big guns and big cocks that were looking for some fresh meat just like him to take out some of their sexual frustrations on.

The girls always told Sebastian that he had a hot ass, but the night he got caught by the gay soldiers he found out that there was another meaning for that. They caught him and took him back to a basement hideaway and had him naked and strung from the ceiling in no time. And then they lit his ass on fire – literally. And after that they had their way with him. He got an ass fucking like he’d never even imagined was possible and there wasn’t a damned thing that he could do about it! His mouth was stuffed and his asshole was stretched by two big fat cocks and these guys didn’t care if he screamed. In fact, the more he fought back the harder they fucked him.

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men on edge

When you want to see well-built men have their bodies played with and stimulated, you really aren’t going to find a place that’s as full of experimenting bdsm and homosexual thrills as Men on Edge. This is where guys love to have their bodies tied up and their genitals played with by other men as they get put into various tied up positions by rope. Then you can see guys have vibrators placed on their shafts and even wooden poles placed inside their rectums while suspended from rope as they are masturbated by their guy friends!

With this scene, we see a well-hung guy blindfolded and tied up. His underwear is taken down and his cute friend begins to stimulate the head of his hard, bulbous cock. The cute boy toy even places some of the precum in his tied-up cutie’s mouth! He then is suspended above by his waist, abdomen and feed while his lovable bud places all sorts of different objects inside his puckering, lubed up asshole! The rope gets tied around his genitals as well as he’s placed on his back and stimulated until orgasm by hand and rope. He never knew what hit him except a wave of homoerotic pleasure.

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tied and face fucked

Ronny was told that he shouldn’t be wandering around the fields by himself during the war. The soldiers were always on the lookout for a guy that was by himself and they took great pride in being sexual deviants that loved to torture and rape the men of the village if they had a chance. But Ronny was a stubborn little bugger and didn’t want to take the roads to his girlfriend’s house and took a short cut through the field instead. And sure enough, he got caught. It was only one soldier but Ronny knew the second that the soldier pointed his gun that he’d better do what he was told or he was done for.

It wasn’t long before the soldier had Ronny tied up to a tree with his pants down around his ankles. Ronny was determined not to get hard for him but he couldn’t help it when the soldier started playing with him and kissing him. Ronny thought it wasn’t so horrible – until the soldier tied up his cock, too. Once the soldier was turned on from the rough cock torture, he pushed Ronny’s forehead back and shoved his massive dick down his throat and fucked his face until Ronny had tears rolling down his cheeks.

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